The majority of our clients at Two Acres have complex presentations interlinking with their Dementia diagnosis and require Nursing Care. We strive to provide a wide variety of activities so that all can benefit from this very important part of our daily care.

residents and carer

All activities are designed to not only mentally and physically stimulate the clients we care for, but also to make it an enjoyable satisfying experience.




Musical entertainment, trips to the Theatre and seaside, Arts and Crafts, are regularly organised by our Activity Coordinator. Manicures,& hairdressers visit weekley.

We have facilities to show films.


Blue & yellow glitter day - May 2016



Monthly Activities:

Michelle our Activiites Co- ordinator  will continue to proivide a variety of in house Activities. We are also now providing and booking other selected activites with the gradual easing of Covid Resrictions.

* Ice Cream Van has commenced visiting once a week.

* Bandwaggon provided an excellent session of outdoor entertainment on 17th May.

* We plan to resume Church service Wedensdays & Sundays, once all Covid Restrictions have been lifted.

* Quiz and Bingo Sessions have continued

*  Pamper sessions and Coffee mornings will resume

* There will be some Hat making Sessions in June

* Community Garden.- has flourished with quite a few clients taking a keen interest.

* Personal 1.1 activities : range from cooking sessions to a walk in the gardens.